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Traction of the cervical spine

A long time ago, I think in 2007, there was a very interesting event. We can say this is an interesting medical history. One day, carrying out in Moscow the presentation of the technique of stretching of the spine on an inclined plane, I began to tell the audience how important the health of the spine plays the cervical spine.
And this is not surprising. Because our head as the center of mental activity connected with the body through the neck. All major vessels, breathing, and digestion pass through the neck. And, incidentally, the leading main disease also begin with the problems of the cervical spine.
Now, one of the many women pay close attention to the fixture, called a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine Glisson loop (Gleason). The loop we make to the trainer NT-01, and also sell separately. She was very surprised by its design. Later on the design, I will tell more.
In fact, her request, in the end, came down to the fact that I gave her this loop to try at home. As it turned out, for the past month, the woman experienced severe headaches and didn't know what to do. Painkillers for some time had eased the condition, and then returned to their seats.
A woman working as an accountant in one of the organizations of Moscow, Elena Ivanovna, it seems to be called. It is 4-5 hours worked with the papers of the last 10 years almost every day while in front of your monitor. Still she worried about the tips of the fingers. Or numbness, especially in the morning. In short, in the face of all signs of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
Naturally, a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) I gave her, but my explanation that it is designed specifically for system trainer NT-01 had no effect. Because without it, this loop somehow to anything. She did not listen to my arguments and strongly asked to give her home a loop for 2-3 weeks. She told me it was never returned. And did the right thing. She then just decided to buy it. Apparently, her good loop helped.
I was surprised and intrigued. What she began to do? How it has adapted for the application? After all, in the trainer on the top handles have a special hook holes on leather strap loops.

Glisson loop application

Safe neck chiropractic

Using loops Glisson

But at home she has trainer no. At that time, was not. Then she bought it. It turned out that the woman is not devoid of the spirit of the invention. She, realizing the importance of stretching, read a few books on chiropractic and our book "If back pain....." Watched a video filmed on the trainer and made an interesting fixture. Then describe what she came up with for more efficient use of ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) at home. Having met her a week was very curious to find out what she did.

Features of use of a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop)

First, she thanked me very much for the work and written books. Secondly, her pain, disturbing the cervical spine have become 80-90% less severe.
And that's the main thing. She revealed to me the secret. The woman said, "we Need to take a wire of 3-5 mm and make such a hook (see Fig.)

Glisson Loop
This hook hangs on the interior door and to it can attach itself to a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) ." In a word, the woman discovered the secret of the use of a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) our modification without a trainer. This hook is to use a loop can do with their hands at home by anyone. I did not like to sincerely thank this woman for a good idea. Somewhere in the depths of his thought, I also something I wanted to do.
Now there are many proposals that are in one degree or another implement traction to the cervical spine.
So, imagine that for the first time in the 17th century English Dr. Glisson has offered a special loop, which got its name from its name. The procedure of stretching the neck is very effective thing to do, it requires a mandatory consultation of the doctor. Just especially neck are such that some people are stretching instead of benefit may let the deterioration. There are very important vessels. They supply blood to the brain. So consult the experts should always. They will appreciate it as affects the person stretching.

1. You need to take lightly with your hands over the patient's head, one palm behind the other in the front under the chin. Slightly to tighten up the head. Very soft. Now, if it gives improvement - pulling can. If worse - not.
2. If slight pressure on the crown man down, those who are recommended traction it will be a little worse, and those who are stretching not shown the contrary.
3. However, photos have to do always.

So right here is put a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) from the company TEBRA.

Just because there are a lot of important vessels. Improving the conditions of their passage - greatly improves the brain. Here you have the reason for such a powerful effect.
If we talk about the vessels and heart, almost all medical professionals agree that the first manifestation of heart disease and blood vessels associated with disturbances in the lower section of the cervical spine.
Innervation of the heart is from the lower divisions of the cervical spine. And, if a person sits at a computer, sooner or later the numbness fingertips, heart pain, high blood pressure guaranteed.
The right way to treat it is the stretching of the spine and exercises. And another thing. Not to mention that excess body weight is almost always to problems in the cervical spine.
Many may ask a reasonable question:"what is common with overweight and neck?" It's simple. If increases body mass is increased and the stomach in humans. Its center of gravity is shifted forward from the navel. And the lifting of the lumbar spine. And due to that head should be kept straight forward shifted slightly and the curve of the cervical spine, and worsens the conditions for the passage of nerves, blood vessels. Can receive the protrusion and herniated cervical discs.
So everyone who reads these lines, remind, big belly and a big problem!!!
You can read about overweight and how to achieve a slim body on the "Slim body is easy".

How to use Loop Glisson

How to use Loop Glisson

Now back to the design ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) our modification. Like this You will not find anywhere else. Most previous modifications involved the use of complicated devices and goods.
In our time it is inconvenient and dangerous. As always, a sensible solution is very simple.
1. The loop should be effective.
2. To use it should be simple.
3. It is important to have a dosed exercise stretching.

All this is realized in our loop

On the person's head is put on a special fixture, the top of which is an important element. This is a leather strap with a length of about 60 cm. It is attached to the top of the loop through the rubber harness. Here it due to the tension and creates traction. In a leather strap to make a hole with a step of 1 cm Each step the tension of 400-500 grams. And because of this it is very easy to set the degree of tension. In the training manual supplied with the trainer described in great detail. The main recommendation of all should be dosed and comfortable.
There is a video. Watch. Sorry, the sound is still in Russian
That way and found that thanks to your recommendations and advice, we have the opportunity to use a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) at home, even without the trainer.
However, the reliability's sake, I would like to say that doing just the neck or just the lower back is not quite true. It is important to affect the entire spine. And it is important to remember about proper nutrition and good water. It is important to do not only traction, but also exercise. Only they can strengthen the muscular system.
I think that the point is not to use a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) or to have a system trainer at home. Sooner or later it happens to those who are more deeply exploring our methodology and our approach. It is important to understand that You deserve to be healthy, and system trainer NT-01 will help you in the treatment of the spine to restore health and wellbeing.
You can buy a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) (Gleason), fill in the order form on page "Loop Gleason buy"

You can buy a ortez for stretching of the cervical spine (Glisson loop) (Gleason), fill in the order form on page "Loop Gleason buy"